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Category: Coach

#PersonalBlogPost: Bag Blogging Boy

I’ve been thinking about what to write for today’s post, and I thought I’d like to put the focus on the Boy and not just the wonderful Bags I cover. […]

Coach Saddle Bag Customization

There seems to be a rave on customizations of late. And it’s always such a thrill to make something simple to something completely unique and adorably yours.

1941 Rogue Bag from Coach

Coach was founded in 1941. And this season they are celebrating the move forward by looking back. And there’s a new bag in town.

My Five Favorite SLGs

Bag organization is one of the virtues every bag carrier needs. And here are a few things that can help you sort things out your bag. I’ve mentioned compartmentalizing before, […]

The Coolest Body Bag On Campus

Ah Coach. Always cool. Always contemporary. (Though sometimes you’d want to ask them “what were you thinking?”) This time though, they made me smile.

Gasp! Coach Mimics Fendi’s Peekaboo

Common in the fashion industry when a hot high priced item taps on everyone’s desires, more commercial brands release similar silhouettes to catch the trend. But is it surprising to […]

Catch the Coach Bleecker Day Totes

Prep for the big city in New York style! Coach’s Bleecker Day Totes this Fall/Winter 2014 season comes in nubuck center stripes. These Bleecker Day Totes are a wonder to behold. And […]