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Travel Buddies To Take With You Around The World

Travelling around the world can be stressful. Especially if you’re travelling to move. And sometimes, in times of stress, all you need to make it better is a good bag.Rimowa Bossa Nova Salsa Air Mini Multiwheel.png

Hi, and welcome back to the blog. I find it odd to say “welcome back” because I’m the one who went away. But I have a pretty good explanation. Which I will share for the rest of this blog post.

The past several months has been a whirlwind. And for good reason. The reason for that is because: I packed up and left one country – and moved to another! Words can not express how big a change in someone’s life it is when moving between continents. Thankfully, our experience was pleasant, exciting, and exhilirating. Everyday I pinch myself trying to believe that I am really where I am. But despite the blessings, the transition wasn’t all smooth. There were definitely some bumps along the way. I won’t bore you with all the details, but, one of the many hurdles were – you guessed it – all about my bags. Though, I don’t have too many. But  sending them over through a courier was out of the question. My anxiety levels shoot through the roof when I think about sending my bags via FedEx or UPS, even in hindsight. So I had to fit all my bags into my and my partner’s luggage. And we didn’t have an unlimited luggage space/weight. Thankfully my significant other is very supportive in helping carry over my modest stash of hand bags.

Luggage was crucial. It was important that we had luggages that were light but sturdy, and could fit all our necessary items – important papers, clothes, shoes, and of course my bags. This is where Rimowa comes in. I wanted to “travel light,” so all I wanted were three major things:

  • a big luggage for checking in
  • a small carry on with wheels that I can stow on the overhead bin
  • and a tote that I can hide under my seat

Let’s get one thing clear: I don’t fly first class. I’m just like every other person (Translation: I fly Economy!) So I coudn’t really fly like a Kardashian with their Louis Vuitton luggages and sometimes private planes. I also wanted something that would survive all the throwing and heavy lifting bags are wont to go through in an airplaine. Luckily, I was able to solve all my logistical problems with Rimowa.

A Big Luggage for Checking In

Bossa Nova Multiwheel® Electronic Tag 75.0L Jet Green-Beige Suitcase

Bossa Nova Multiwheel with Electronic Tag

This is as rugged-ready as you can get. This Rimowa model is from the line called Bossa Nova. Beautiful “unbreakable” polycarbonate, with four wheels so you can push, tug, and pull in any direction. So when you’re going through the queues and through the airport, up until checking in your luggage, you have something that’s easy to maneuver and throw around. I like that it was described “unbreakable” but I doubt it really is. In truth, I don’t have the heart to test how much it can take. But I know it’s sturdy enough that I don’t have to worry how hard it gets thrown around to the luggage area on an airplane.

When you’re crossing continents, you pretty much pack your whole life in a suitcase. So it’s important to load up in the sturdiest possible luggage. It’s not just a reliable bag. But it’s also quite a piece of technology. It has an electronic tag that no other luggage currently offers. I don’t exactly know how it works, or if it’s dependable at a time of crisis (usually when you lose luggages), but there’s a Rimowa app you can download to your phone where you can set your preferred information on the tag. You can jot down your name, address, flight information, and a bunch of other options. It’s interesting, but I don’t quite feel like I needed it more than the usual bag tags with my information.

A Small Carry On

Salsa Air Mini Multiwheel 22.0L Ice Blue carry on luggage

Salsa Air Mini Multiwheel

If your suitcase ain’t enough, then you need a smaller one! And this smaller Salsa Air Mini was the perfect companion. It helped me lug around my laptop and other items that were otherwise too heavy to carry around with my handbag. It’s perfectly sized to carry just the right amount of stuff (thick jackets, a change of clothes, rubber shoes when you want to give up on your leather soled ones).  This one is my favorite airport companion because it’s just so wonderful to troll around the airport with this little thing rolling around with you. It also doubles as leg rest when you’re waiting to board the plane.

And that’s it.

The next thing I knew, I was unpacking my clothes in my new apartment, and stowing these wonderful Rimowas to my storage. Happy that it carried our lives in one swift plane ride around the world. Content that my bags (and laptops, and shoes and clothes) inside it were transported safe and sound. And now here I am, writing about it, all settled in and all set.

Now, it’s time to get back to (the bag blogging) business.

Images from Rimowa.

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