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Ever Day Cool with the Night Courrier Tote

Night Courrier soft GG Supreme tote 1

Boring black bags, begone!

Gucci’s been in the forefront of embellishments for accessories in the last several years. Their maximalist approach are unique and quite alluring, but they can get a little jarring at times. But in instances like this, where monogram and appliqués meet, it can stop you in your tracks and want a bag just like this to break the plain. This bag is called the Night Courrier bag. Gucci presents a mish mash of individually embroidered patches of both vintage Gucci iconography and contemporary ones.

Night Courrier soft GG Supreme tote 2

It’s a wonderfully light bag, thanks to the light weight black and white GG Supreme coated canvas. The leather trim top handles are flat, which is fine, but as you put things in it can get a bit painful to carry by hand. So to deal with comfort, there is a detachable sling you can use, in vintage navy/red Gucci web colorway.

Night Courrier soft GG Supreme tote 4

The bag closes and opens with a magnetic latch. But don’t under estimate these magnets. They snap very strongly. And be extra careful with your electronics passing through these magnets, like cellphones, smart watches, credit cards and so on. (Gadgets and magnets don’t mix). So because zippered pockets are positioned directly below the magnetic tags, be cautious what you pull in and out of it. Often times, you can get your coins snagged into them.

Night Courrier soft GG Supreme tote 3

Trivial technicalities aside, it’s a great fashion piece. Especially if you’re fond of wearing plains, this is a nice way to add color and a little bit of life. The dark GG Supreme is also a nice break from an earlier collection we covered before. Check it out in person, or online at Gucci.

Night Courrier soft GG Supreme tote 6

Images from Gucci.

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