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Fit For Everyday: The Men’s Peekaboo Fit Mini

Peekaboo Mini Fit

Every guy needs a quality sling.

Your bag closet should always have that one bag that you can use for any occassion. It’s a bag that you can take with you for work, or out for fun. And the truth is, it doesn’t have to be expensive. These kinds of bags are normally mass produced, made of common materials (often fabric or synthetic leather), and end up breaking sooner than you’d like. Because we carry these kinds of bags every day, everyhwere, they tend to get the most wear and tear. In the end, we’d replace them with a similar inexpensive item, and the cycle continues. However, if you feel you need a piece of luxury over your shoulders, there’s a bag out there that might just fit the bill.

Peekaboo Fit Mini Face

We’ve seen the Peekaboo for men. We’ve also seen the Peekaboo Fit bags. But in case that wasn’t enough, we can now enjoy the Peekaboo Fit Mini bags. Perfectly sized, wonderfully slingable, and the easiest incarnation to carry to carry for a men’s bag design we’ve loved and come to expect throughout the years from Fendi.

Peekaboo Fit Mini Interior

It should fit fit your everyday stuff just fine. And so far it comes in plain, and a few come in a few quirky faces which should find itself growing more elaborate in future releases if this bag carries on. Nothing beats a classic black grained leather bag though!

Images from Fendi.


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