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The New LV Noé is called NéoNoé

Neonoe bannerIt’s been around a while. And it looks like a keeper.

First off, happy new year everyone! I hadn’t gone back to writing anything this month but I won’t let this January go without writing my first entry for 2018!
– The Boy

The Noé bag has been around a long time under Louis Vuitton. Not to be too boring, but here’s a little history. The bag was introduced in 1932, french for Noah (you know, like from the Bible?).  Apparently Noah was famous for two things; one: loading animals into his Arc, and two: they say he has a penchant for wine. Since Louis Vuitton is in the business of creating of luggage bags, a champagne house requestd a bag design to carry up to six bottles, and we ended up with a draw stringed, open mouthed sling bag.

Neonoe and Noe

To this day, this bag still exists, and it’s so much more useful than carrying alcohol bottles around. Thanks to the popularity of bucket bags, and Louis Vuitton’s love of reviving of old favorites. We’ve seen the Petit Malle as a runaway hit, of late we have a new Hat Box, and inbetween (in 2017 if I’m not mistaken) the Néonoé came out. A newer, updated version of the bag innovated for today’s use, making us lust for it even more.

NeoNoe AD

The Néonoé not only comes in monogram canvas, but it also comes in Epi, and special prints from time to time, live the LV x Koons collaboration.

NEOnoe Variants

There’s something a little bit more special about the Néonoé. It’s the side rings. You can clasp on a long strap, a short strap, or both. If you’re the type that buys à la carte straps, then there’s so much more to the bag for you to enjoy, because it’s the perfect style to keep adding things to, such as charms and designer slings.

NeoNoe long strapNeoNoe Side

It has some structure to it also on the interior. There is a zippered pocket that splits the bag into two compartments. It repurposes the bag to a more functional one by eliminating the jumbling of items inside (common in dump bag type situations). This way we have a nice set of items “in the back” and another set of items “in the front.” It’s always good to have compartments.

NeoNoe Interior

So whether you want to use it with a long strap, a short strap, or both, the NéoNoés are wonderful, sensible choices for bags for today’s standards. I know what I’m adding to my collection this 2018. Happy new year everyone!

Images from Louis Vuitton.


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