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The Coolest Cute Bag is the Benech Reporter

Christian Louboutin isn’t normally a brand you think about when you’re looking for a bag. But they have a few pieces that are surprisingly good.

Christian Louboutin Benech Reporter 2

The bag’s small form factor, grained leather, crocodile effect flap, together with studded patch embellishment makes it a stand out functional sling you absolutely need.

Christian Louboutin Benech Reporter 4

When you carry around a small bag, make sure it pops. If you like to accentuate with small leather goods, this is one of the perfect pieces to have. It holds several interesting separate pieces together, but somehow subdued when put together. Certain bags can make you feel like a walking billboard, especially with monogram canvas pieces. But not the Benech Reporter. Louboutin at this point feels like an under the radar piece as far as bags go (because they’re more famous for their red soled shoes).

Christian Louboutin Benech Reporter 3

And speaking of red, the bags interiors and under lining is dyed with Louboutin’s signature red hue. It makes the bag feel familiar as far as brand identification is concerned. But the name Louboutin aside, this bag is wonderfully designed. Despite its small form factor, it’s composed of two main compartments stitched together. One for the zippered compartment where you can stow your stuff in, and another compartment closed by a leather flap that fits into the bag’s belt so the leather piece doesn’t flap flimsily.

Christian Louboutin Benech Reporter 1

It’s just an amazing bag, and if I were to drool over the bag the first week of January 2018, this would be it. Off to Louboutin stores we go!

Images from Matches Fashion.



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