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A New Square Albion Bag

It’s like Sophie Hulme said “hardware begone!” in 2018 for Albion Bags!

Sophie Hulme Tan Square Albion Bag 3

Sophie Hulme’s mark on the hand bag world is the bold square metallic plates located at each end of the handles of their wonderful square Albion totes. At this point, they’ve established an undeniable silhouette that makes their brand stand out, without the need of monograms. It’s so comparable to brands like Balendiaga, where certain design elements transcend and become iconic identifiers.


The usual Albion Totes have metal plates.

But what do you do to innovate a beloved bag line distinctly identified by the extra ordinary metal plates? Change it to leather plates of course! Everything you love about the bag remains. The D-ring still exists so you can clasp on your favourite bag charm onto it. Detachable slings can be conveniently strapped in or removed, depending on your preference. The wide open mouth allows easy access, but sensitive items can be placed in the zippered slip pocket on one side of the bag.

Sophie Hulme Tan Square Albion Bag 4

There’s so much Sophie Hulme to get around. It’s one of my favourite under rated / sleeper hits in the handbag world I live in. It makes me scratch my head why there aren’t more of this on Instagram and other blog sites I read up on.

Sophie Hulme Tan Square Albion Bag 2

Images from SSENSE.

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