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Hello There Saint Laurent Jane Tote

There’s nothing more beautiful than a rectangular tote by Saint Laurent.Saint Laurent Medium Jane Tote 2

Sure, Sac De Jours can go on and on for days. We love it. But it’s been years and years of SDJ adoration that, at times, can get stale. It’s been a while since a bag came out that could compete with a bag like it. But it seems the only bag that can beat them is the same brand that produce them: Saint Laurent.

Case in point: Saint Laurent’s Jane Tote. A simple rectangular bag that could very well be your new favorite daily companion. It could verry well be the one that can cast your SDJ aside. It’s stunningly simple, with basic rounded leather handles, plain front and back, with almost no hardware across. A body sling comes with the bag but you can detach it if you prefer carrying it slingless. There is that leather tag that you can leave hanging on your bag, but it’s embossed in YSL, lest you forget Yves.

Saint Laurent Medium Jane Tote 4

I’m not sure why, but Saint Laurent feels like they come out with the best neutral colors. Jane Totes are available in black, powder (or beige), and dark anthracite (or gray), and available in the wonderfully sized Medium or the more spacious Large.

Saint Laurent Medium Jane Tote 3

It opens nicely through double-pull zippers to a wonderful interior ready to fit your everday stuff. The interior has a few more slip pockets for your use, and it helps you feel like the bag is a breeze to put/pull things in and out of, and have the rest of your items privately tucked inside those beautiful silver zippers. Try one on in stores or browse online!

Images from Saint Laurent.

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