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The Small Hat Box That Could

Louis Vuitton’s reinvention of old favorites is the most interesting thing about them of late.LV PETITE BOITE CHAPEAU

Louis Vuitton was born in the era of travels and trunks. The french fashion house may have very well defined traveling in style. In the old days, people of a certain social status had to lug around exorbitant clothes and accessories: big, bold hats is of them. So, in the archives of Louis Vuitton, we can see the good old Hat Box 50 to serve its luxurious purpose.

louis-vuitton-hat-box-50-monogram-travel--M23622_PM2_Front view.png

But who wears fascinators any more, right? We don’t spend money on big fancy hats for fashion anymore, we’re not from the Royal Family after all. So there’s no more need for a Hat Box.

Louis Vuitton’s vintage and iconic historical pieces has a rich background. So it’s not surprising to think about its cultural fashion nostalgic sensibilities of old world wealth and luxury. So when Louis Vuitton spins an older style bag and reintroduces it to today’s market, it’s nothing short of amazing.


We’ve seen Louis Vuitton do this with the Petite Malle – a reinvented Trunk bag in a smaller form factor, making it the perfect arm candy. The Hat Box is reinvented in petite size too, and now called the Petite Boîte Chapeau, literally French for Small Hat Box.

We’ve seen this bag in LV’s Cruise/Resort 2018 collection. Though we are on a high seeing the Petite bag available online and in stores, but I’m also interested seeing the non-petite Boîte Chapeau bags. If you have information on the bigger one, please do write a comment below.


Petite Boîte Chapeau


(Non-Petite) Boîte Chapeau

Circular bags are becoming (if not already) a trend one can’t deny. And though I haven’t gotten onto the circular bags bandwagon, I’m totally happy that there’s a bag like it that comes from Louis Vuitton.


The bags have been resized and repurposed to carry your normal stuff, and not a hat per se. It comes in classic Louis Vuitton Monogram, or Monogram Reverse. As with most LV bags, it is detailed with leather trimmings and gold hardware. Though there is a flat top handle to help you carry it around, it’s so important to note that these bags also come with detachable slings so you can use it as a wonderful sling bag.


How wonderful to see a reinvented vintage from Louis Vuitton become available in a form factor that’s sensible and useable in today’s handbag world. Can’t wait to know more about the bigger version too!

Images from Louis Vuitton.
Runway photos by Vogue.

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