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It’s Hard To Ignore This Printed Hammock Bag

Saying that this bag is underrated may be true now. But when it innovates like this, people might finally start to notice.

Loewe Small Hammock Camo Canvas & Leather Hobo 3

There’s so much to say and love about what makes the Loewe Hammock Bag so awesome. From time to time, these lovely bags depart from its usual monotone calfskin, to tri-color incarnations, a few painted word statement pieces and at times presented in a fresh take, like denim.

Loewe’s season’s capsule collection dubbed as William Morris meets punk, allows a beautifully exceptional piece like this. Loewe calls this print Acanthus leaves pattern, inspired from the aesthetic taste of renowned British textile designer William Morris. The most exciting about this line of Loewe bags is it has a bright orange interior giving you a wonderful suprise each time you dig into the bag.Hammock Styles

It’s always a wonderful suprise to see a stunning printed bag and yet find it at the same time ever so subtle. It’s as if it’s camouflage for fall! A lovely print and a lovely bag makes for a great combination that should satisfy anyone looking for a nice bag this season. And this styled up Hammock is a great alternative to monotone colored bags available all year long. There are four striking prints from the Morris & Co. archives used in this capsule collection. But the obvious favorite is this!

Loewe Small Hammock Camo Canvas & Leather Hobo 5

Images from Nordstrom.

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