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Does Anybody Want A Nylon Givenchy Bag?

Nylon? Really?Nylon Pandora and Nightingale

When it comes to luxury bags, we expect to pay premium dollars for premium leather. On some bag, we pay the luxury price tags for the privilege of carrying branded monograms or printed coated canvas, and at times even extravagant fabric. But when perfectly beautiful bags are offered with sub par materials, like nylon, the expectation to pay premium goes out the window, and makes you think why you want to spend a dime altogether for something like it.

This is the case for the Givenchy Pandora, and the Givenchy Nightingale. These widely successful product lines have been around for a while now. In hindsight, these bags may have very well put Givenchy on the map and making them a renowned bag brand choice the world over. We normally see these bags in full leather. We’ve also seen them offered in printed variations, or somewhat more ornate incarnations to capture the style aesthetic of the fashion house for the season. And it’s been a thrill to cover over the years.

But when you come across a nylon version of the Pandora and Nightingale, with no possible gain to the bag’s overall appeal it makes you wonder why it even exists. The nylon bodied bags shave around $200 dollars off the leather version, and in a way it makes for a lighter bag to carry. But that isn’t too much of a big save or even a feature when you’re forking out almost two grand for the bag.

So this leads to the question: why? Why buy a nylon Pandora or a nylon Nightingale? If you have one, why do you like it over the leather versions of these Givenchy classics? Because looking at them makes me feel so dumbfounded.

Images from SSENSE.


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