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This Baby Sac De Jour is Magnifique

The magnificence of smaller sized bags can wash over someone like an enourmous tsunami. And the lovely Sac De Jours in baby size are major!

Baby Sac De Jour 1

Sac De Jours have been around for years and have gone through several edits, but Souple Sac De Jours are fairly new. Now less stiff, with a dash of addional belt hardware, it’s brought new life to a silently sophisticated bag.

The small sized Souple Sac De Jours were growing on me. But I never thought the Baby sized ones would take me over. The same realization came up to me with the Peekaboos. And the same can be said with this Baby Sac De Jour: it’s a great sling bag!

Baby Sac De Jour 2

Last year was a completely different space for me and the bags I carry. It was the era of the bigger, the better. But as I’ve streamlined the stuff I carry in my bags, downsized, picked and plucked the good versus the bad, I seem to have too much space on my bigger sized bags. I now yearn for a smaller, more compact sized bags.

Baby Sac De Jour 4

Smaller bags with top handles are godsends. because you can ignore them when carrying by sling, but depend on them if you decide to carry them slingless. I happen to prefer any kind of sling bag with a handle on top, making it easier to pick up and move around when you’re not necessarily walking around. Sac De Jours, in a way, hit many plus points for my hand bag considerations.

Baby Sac De Jour 3

The interior zippered pocket can be detached and can serve as your pouch companion when you just need a little thing with you. The slings are detachable which is great in any kind of bag. It’s also an open mouthed bag and it’s so much easier to go in and out of, compared to other sling bags.

I wish I had given smaller sized bags a chance so much sooner. Now I can’t decide over all the bag déjà vu which smaller bag to get this holiday season! Feel free to share your favorite small bags in the comments section.

Images from Net-A-Porter.

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