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Amazing Fendi By The Way Bags

It took a while before I learned to appreciate the Fendi By The Way.Fendi By The Way Small Boston bag in beige leather 1

First of all, I’m a big lover of Speedys. But these kinds of bags are somehow dying off in favor of flap bags. The less I see small duffle bags like them, the more my heart aches for days of yore when every fashion house seemed to produce a version of their own. To be honest, Speedy/Boston bags have passed their iconic status and has become a staple rather than a statement, and in many ways I want to outgrow the desire for older styles. So to avoid feeling like a Speedy-toting ancient dinosaur, I exert extra effort to look for newer bag styles with similar sensibilities.

So while I’m rediscovering my favorite bags in smaller forms, I came across a bag I hadn’t paid attention to, from my favorite fashion house, Fendi. Hoping that there might be something out there that would make me feel fresh and new.

Fendi By The Way Small Boston bag in beige leather 2

The Fendi By The Way isn’t a new bag. If I’m not mistaken, it came out on 2014. Over the course of time, it’s helped made Fendi maintain a certain je ne sais quoi amongst it’s fashion peers. And though I hadn’t exacted enough effort to appreciate it, let me make up for it right now.

Fendi By The Way Small Boston bag in beige leather 4

In a way, it looks like a reimagining of what Speedy-like bags left in their wake. It’s a wide bag that has a top zipper, carried by its top handles, or cross body with a sling. Sounds like a Speedy Bandoulière to me! (The top handles are too short to carry on the crook of your arm though).

Fendi By The Way Small Boston bag in beige leather 3

The inside look just as good as the outside. Split in the middle with a zippered pocket, with a rather spacious left and right side. It helps make the bag stand up on its own and hold its shape.

I can’t believe I hadn’t looked into this bag at all. It seems looking back helps add choices to one’s ever growing bag collection. Do you already have a By The Way? Do you like it? Love to have some feedback about the bag in the comments!

Images from Fendi.

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