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The Mighty Morhpin’ Small Hammock Bag

Not all bags that come along make it on the front page of magazines and in the arms of celebrities. Sometimes, there are underrated bags that make so much sense having in your collection that it sometimes boggles the mind why they’re not popular at all.

Hammock One Bag Many Looks

The wonder of Loewe’s Hammock Bag have been extensively discussed some blog posts ago. The medium size is fantastic, and since we are rediscovering our favorite bags in new smaller sizes, the Small Hammock bag is yet another wonderful bag that you should really consider to adding to your collection.

It’s not so much a day bag as the bigger sized ones. But it’s a wonderfully sensible sized bag for sling-carrying all day, and tote-wearing all night. All the classic Hammock hits are in place. It’s multi-faceted nature allows you to carry it like a sling bag, or as a tote bag by its top handles. Even as a tote, it can look several various things thanks to the bag’s wings (which you can flare out or tuck in).

Hammock Modshot

Sometimes it makes me wonder why the Hammock bag hasn’t made Loewe a household name. One thing’s for sure though, the small Hammock is going to my household soon.

Images from Barney’s.

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