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Loving The Simple Gucci Leather Continental Wallets

Simply sophisticated.

Gucci Leather continental wallet 4

Wallets are just as important as the bags we carry them in. It’s not like we really need more than one at any given time, and wallets don’t necessary have to be from a luxury brand. But if you were to look for a nice one, there are a few from Gucci that you might like.

Recently we talked about how in love we are with the GG Marmont Continental Wallet, but it’s much more complicated in appearance in comparison to this sleeker variant of the Continental Wallet.

Gucci Leather continental wallet 1

Its textured leather is beautiful and the GG insignia is much more minute. Making it look a bit more elegant, and look a tad less busy than the metalassé quilting alternative.

Gucci Leather continental wallet 3

Its interior appears very standard across various styles of the continental wallet. Tons of credit card space, zippered pocket in the middle, and the wallets have an accordion sides to allow it to expand when you open the wallet up.

Looking for a wallet? Don’t forget to try some out from Gucci.

Images from Gucci.

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