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The Peekaboo Mini Is A Great Sling Bag

I take it back. Mini bags are not ridiculous.Fendi Peekaboo Mini Charcoal nappa 2

My favorite bag from Fendi is the Peekaboo. Most especially the large ones that can carry a ton. However, my bag choices have been changing the past several months, and it’s opening my eyes to more choices and size considerations that I wouldn’t even have considered before.

I still love my favorites. And with my new found love with smaller things, I’ve recently newly swooned over mini bags. In this case, the Mini Peekaboo.Fendi Peekaboo Mini Charcoal nappa 1

I’ve had some issues with smaller bags lately. My Pochette Metis is lovely, but it’s just a tad bit difficult to get in and out of because of the flap. Same story (maybe even worse) with bags like the Hermès Kelly 25 (of which I’ve had a limited experience to wearing). These bags are basically small sling bags they’re so easy to wear, but somehow cumbersome on a few points.

Fendi Peekaboo Mini Charcoal nappa 3.pngBut the Fendi Mini Peekaboo is different. It’s a sling bag that doesn’t have a flap. It’s a bag that has a top opening you can reach down to without having to set aside a downwards flap. It’s so easy to get in and out of and spacious enough for your daily essentials. For someone like me who has to be out and about throughout the day and make time to be social with friends for dinner at night, it’s such a blessing to have a bag that I can just set aside without having a need for an extra chair for a big ol’ bag I lug around throughout the day.Fendi Peekaboo Mini Charcoal nappa 4

It surprises me how long it’s taken me to appreciate mini bags. I can’t imagine what else is instore for me to rediscover. What are your mini bag choices? Feel free to share!

Images from Fendi.


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