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Time to Change to Lighter, Smaller Bags

It’s time to down size.

Small Sac De Jour Souple 1

Over the course of several years running this blog (in and out in my spare time), and through out my bag obsession, I’ve spent time and resources exclusively to large, oversized bags. In part because I tend to carry alot of things through my work days, and in part because small bags felt too dainty for me.

Through the years though, there are two things I’ve learned about myself: I constantly feel like I’m carrying too many things, and I’ve developed back pain from carrying heavy bags. The time has come to be sensible. It’s time for lighter, smaller bags.

I know it’s a great wardrobe statement to have a commanding bag while you waltz around, but my life has moved from mostly sitting to mostly walking, so having a big bag has become much more cumbersome now more than ever. I no longer need to carry a big bag because I’m no longer sitting in a desk. So, looking through my bag collection, it makes me a bit concerned because I have very few smaller ones to choose from.

Small Sac De Jour Souple 2

So, somehow, I’m so happy to not have gotten the supple Sac De Jours yet, because they’re too big for my taste. The large Sac De Jour is too large and deep, the medium Sac De Jour is only slightly smaller (still too big). The small Sac De Jour though is looking  to be a perfect size for me. Any other smaller size is a whole different discussion.

It’s so gratifying to carry a bag that’s just right in size, making it a perfect companion throughout the day, and throughout the night. This preference has changed not just for my desire for a Sac De Jour, but also on other lines of bags from other brands too.

Have you come to a realization about your current bag choices too? For me, it’s definitely downsizing and carrying a lighter load. The lighter the better! What’s yours? Feel free to sound off in the comment section.

Images from Net-A-Porter.


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