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Printed Gucci Bags: The Unskilled Worker Nymphaea Bags

The Nymphaea bags are wonderful bamboo Gucci bags. But now, they’re beautiful printed bamboo bags.

Unskilled Worker Nymphaea bag.png

We love the Nymphaea bags, don’t we? They came out so plain, simple and beautiful. Its next iteration was a bit of a bang, and we were wonderfullly surprised with the eye-catching flora print. But in this new iteration of the bag line, under the influence and elegant hand of artist Helen Downie from the UK, who also calls herself Unskilled Worker, we have some one of a kind pieces under Gucci that makes other art bags look pale in comparison.

Avid bag collectors will enjoy the blue and pink Nymphaea bags. At the moment there are only two variations of this bag. The blue one, called Ready for Palais, and the pink one called Put A Ring On It. There’s so much more Unskilled Worker art in many other Gucci lines across the board (in clothes, coats, scarves and small leather goods). You can check them out under Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

What an original, wonderful, elegant collection. This is the quintessential time capsule you’d want on your wardrobe. The bags are in bright pops of color, with illustrations of how wonderful what Gucci has become over the years to what we know of it right now, this season. And having one of the Unskilled Worker pieces – whether with the Nymphaea bags or others in the RTW department – is an opportunity that avid collectors should not pass up.

But of course, if you’re in a shopping ban like me, then we’ll just lust over it online!

Images from Gucci.


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