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Balenciaga has Some Sane Bag Pieces, Like the Belted Shoulder Bag

Balenciaga Belted Shoulder Bag4

Not everything in Balenciaga is crazy. There are, actually, some decent bags that don’t scream crazy.

The latest Spring 2018 collection by Balenciaga, like other shows of late, have been quite crazy (but effectively noteworthy). On one side of the spectrum, we get these insane pieces from the runway. But on the other side, Balenciaga provides some muted, actually decent bags that you might want to try on.

Balenciaga Belted Shoulder Bag

Called the Belted Shoulder bag, it’s a sensible Balenciaga piece. It does away with the oddities that are currently available from Balenciaga. It’s also a step away from the usual iconic staples from the house that might be to old and boring at this point. It does however point us closer to what a practical everyday person could wear.

Balenciaga Belted Shoulder Bag2

The belts aren’t just decorative. It clasps into the center outer pocket to tighten the bag altogether. It has accordion sides (a design aspect fastinatingly common at the moment) that expands and allows room to spread your bag wide open for that spacious reach towards the inside. The shoulder straps are another thing too.

Balenciaga Belted Shoulder Bag5

You could take off the strap altogether so the bag serves as a clutch. The straps are also adjustable with snaps so you can fashion it as a short strap or a longer one for varying shoulder length drops.

So glad to see that despite Balenciaga’s headlining design decisions (leaving commenters polarized on both sides), there are ho-hum pieces that someone like us can enjoy. A bag from Balenciaga that doesn’t scream controversy.

Images from Barney’s.

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