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Small Things with the Biggest Uses: GG Marmont Continental Wallet

GG Marmont Continental Wallet face

I can’t imagine any bag without a banging wallet.

My love for bags is just as much as my love for things in it. I happen to like having nice things inside the bag too. I sometimes wear non-luxurious / brandless bags for errands, and having nice small leather goods inside makes me feel happy.

GG Marmont continental wallet 2

A continental wallet fits the bill. And, one of the wallets I feel really good about is the Gucci GG Marmont Continental Wallet. It’s also stitched to a nice matelassé quilt that we see throughout Gucci’s Marmont line.

It makes so much sense to have something like this in your bag. It has a lot of space for cards, cash, and if you’re the type to put coins inside a zippered pocket, then the zippered pocket in the middle should serve you well for errands and quick trips at the supermarket.

It always amazes me when something so small can make life so much better.

Images from Gucci.

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