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Grab and Go with the Balenciaga Box Clutch

Look at this beauty. Finally, a bag from Balenciaga that isn’t weird.

Balenciaga Box Clutch 3

The Box Clutch is so easy on the eyes. And since they don’t look like leather luxury versions of their plastic inspirations, you could pass it and not think about it at all because of the controversy Balenciaga’s other new bags are causing. But there’s no defeat in simplicity. And this bag is just as wonderful as the headliner bags  we’ve seen from Balenciaga.

Balenciaga Box Clutch 2

I love bags that you can carry multiple ways. This is a box clutch, literally. It can be carried by hand, or in the aid of a wristlet, or with a cross body sling. Though small in size, this has sensible space.

Balenciaga Box Clutch 4

It’s a nicely organized split interior, composed of pocket slips and zippered interiors. You should be able to sort everything you need in it. What a nice bag to grab and go with.

Balenciaga Box Clutch 1

Images from Matches Fashion.

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