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A Men’s Prada Bag Is Just What You Need

We like classic Prada. So much, that we’ve sung odes about the Prada Galleria Saffiano Tote some time ago. Though it’s a women’s bag, I love it anyway. And now there’s a men’s version.

Prada Double-Handle Tote Bag 2

Called the Prada Double Handle Tote Bag, this takes a bigger, manlier version of the Prada Galleria/Lux/Saffiano tote. I put slashes in, because Prada doesn’t seem to have a unified naming structure to their bags.

Prada Double-Handle Tote Bag 3

I like that the men’s bags have an open mouth that isn’lined with zippers. The women’s version is commonly designed with zippers along the opening, making it weird. Though the Prada Galleria have a few styles without the zipper, they’re so hard to get by.

Prada Double-Handle Tote Bag 6

Big bags normally come with a detachable sling, and unsurprisingly this bag comes with one. Also, there’s a detachable bag tag that’s more decorative than functional, but I wouldn’t be opposed to leaving it on.

It’s such a beautiful bag. And a perfect tool for a day’s work.

Prada Double-Handle Tote Bag 4

Prada Double-Handle Tote Bag 5

Images from Barney’s.

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