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Of Prada, And Pouches

If you don’t often Prada yourself up, when you do Prada, you Prada hard. I sure do.

Prada Saffiano-leather pouch 5

Prada’s never been good with product names, in my opinion. It’s no big deal though, because as the end of the day, it’s the actual bag that counts, not the name.  This Prada Saffiano Leather Pouch is as obscure as you can get as far as names are concerned. But there’s a distinctly simple and unique style for this Prada small leather piece. And it’s the simple clasp, and the beautiful saffiano.

Prada Saffiano-leather pouch 4

It sits nicely on your hands, or hangs nicely on your wrist with its detachable wristlet having conveniently in its side. It’s a winning combo of compact elegant and functionably small. You can fit your phone, your cash, and your cards. More than enough for a nice dinner out, or a quick stroll somewhere.

Prada Saffiano-leather pouch 1

It does have a ring on the side where you can clasp a nice wristlet, or do without it. If you’re creative enough, and with the right tools, you could very well have a sling hanging on the side if that’s so important to you. But it’s hard to imagine why you’d need one, with something this small, carrying it by hand should be more than easy. Just look at it. Why would you not need something like this in your wardrobe right now? Like what I said earlier, when you Prada, you Prada hard.

Prada Saffiano-leather pouch 2

Images from Matches Fashion.

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