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Flap Bag Fame Continues with the Givenchy Infinity Shoulder Bag

It’s been a while since Givenchy got a bag out that I liked. And this shoulder bag is insanely hitting me hard.

Infinity Chain Shoulder Bag

The Infinity line by Givenchy is generally marked with prominent oversized chain links on leather goods. It’s a great line and designs vary from big bags to small slings, among others.


It’s so cute. And since shoulder bags are all the rave around here, this is a great bag choice among the many flap bags available out there. It comes in amazing colors and fits perfectly for an entire day, or a nice night out.


The interior of the Infinity Shoulder bag is simple and spacious, two adjectives I love using when describing a bag’s interior. There’s a modest slip pocket at the back that can fit a slim card holder. It’s so wonderful to see that the interior is lined in suede and because it’s in a brighter hue, making the interior brighter and easier to dig through. In some colors, the lining remains dark like in the black ones.


It’s surprising that this bag hasn’t entirely consumed my Instagram feed yet. Or maybe I’m just a step behind in my bag styling game. This maroon Infinity shoulder bag is hitting me hard.


Images from Harrod’s.

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