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My Fendi Dream Haul

It’s been a minute since we’ve obsessed over Fendi. And it’s high time we take a minute to obsess about it again.

Fendi Feature

Over the course of the week, I’ve had the privilege to play in some Fendi stores and relive my Fendi favorites that I’ve somehow forgotten. Now as I write this, I can’t help to get any of them out of my head. So I thought it would be nice to write down in an article what my Fendi dream haul is, and perhaps someday claim ownership to these favorite Fendi pieces of mine when it’s time is right. Below is the list of my seven favorite things from Fendi.

1. Large Fendi Peekaboo

Large Fendi Peekaboo

One of my obvious starters is of course the Large Peekaboo. We’ve covered so much about it. And though it’s the same bag over and over again, there’s just something about it I can’t seem to let go. It’s great as a big bag, great as a mini bag (despite the creases that may result from all that peekabooing). It’s over all lovely. And even lovelier with all th leather accessories from Fendi.

2. Strap You In Multicolour Python

Strap You Rope Colored Python 2 copy

Peekaboos come with its own sling made of the same material as the bag itself. It could, however, be such a drab to be so monochrome. So having a Strap You to show your style is just what you’ll need to jazz it all up. Strap You is Fendi’s à la carte straps that you can order by itself, because millenials why not? It’s ridiculously overpriced of course (just like the bag charms, but at least straps have a purpose other than being a charm). But why shatter my dream haul with harsh, sensible reality?

3. Python Triplette

Triplette Mutlicolur Python Pouch 2 copy

What is this crazy bag? I’m penchant to spend money and make use of various kinds of pouches. Words cannot express how useful these are when it comes to bag organization, and switching from day to night. The Triplette bag, which deserves its own article to be honest, is one of those bags you buy as a set, but have a multitude of use for. Its a combination of three separate pouches clasped together with a Fendi logo shaped shakle that can hold all three together. You can also split the up for your varying pouch needs. So useful especially when your downsizing from a day bag (like the Large Peekaboo) for an evening event.

4. Peekaboo Continental Wallet

Peekaboo Wallet 1 copy

Pouches are great, but wallets are even better. This wallet is especially lovely as it takes on the style cues of the lovely Peekaboo. It’s a very smart design, where bills are stowed under the flap, and heaps of card slips are wonderfully laid out on the back compartment. I prefer this design actually, so you don’t have to open the clasp/flap when you use cards.

5. Black Roman Leather Belt

Roman Leather Belt

This is a one-for-two, logo kind of belt – just the way I like it. This style specifically leaves you the option of black textured leather (in photo), or smooth leather by turning the belt over and re-attaching the Fendi monogram belt buckle. There are other belts that have two color offerings. But the classic combination of gold hardware against black leather is so hard to resist.

6. White Leather Sneaker Lace-Ups with Faces Animoticon

Sneaker White Leahter Lace-Ups Faces Animoticon

Quite a handful to say, but when you see it, it’s oh so simple. And very Fendi. Some seasons ago, to avoid Bag Bug / Monster Eyes overload, a new face came into Fendi’s designs – dubbed Fendi Faces – blocky, robot-esque facial expressions adorning the front of Fendi leather pieces. These white sneakers hold them on the shoes tongue, and it’s so beautiful. How can one not want a pair? I sure do!

7. Fendi Sun Fun Dark HavanaFendi Sun Fun Dark Havana Sunglasses 1 copy

Sunnies are daily essentials. My eyes are very sensitive to light, so I always keep one in my bag. And since I’m hauling from Fendi, I might as well get one of these. Why wouldn’t you want to be fitted Fendi from head to toe right? Dreams can come true.

What are your favorites? And from which brands? Would love to look into it myself and write more from other fashion favorites. If you have an idea, feel free to leave a recommendation on the comments!


Images from Fendi.


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