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The Marvelous Marni Medium Trunk Bag

These sling bags are a slice of heaven.

Marni Tan Medium Trunk 3

Marni is a brand I think you’d choose (for bags) when you want to hideaway from your usual iconic pieces, since I normally associated Marni in the clothes side of fashion. Lo and behold, they have a pretty nice leather accessories line worth looking into. It has a unique under the radar niche market that doesn’t compromise quality and elegance.

Marni Tan Medium Trunk 5

It’s so nice to look at a bag with minimal hardware, and maximum structure. The bag’s design is something I would call a compounded flat pockets turned into a flap bag. With just the right elements of function, seemingly architectural structural design, and just a dash of sophisticated edginess that some of my favorite brands seem to be losing sight of at the moment. Thank goodness for the Marni Trunk to satisfy my triad of needs when it comes to handbags.

Marni Tan Medium Trunk 2

The accordion sides make me think of Sac De Jours. But it’s more of a shoulder flap bag than a tote. It feels similar also to bags like Gucci’s Dionysus. (If I’m not mistaken, these Marni Trunks were around before the Dionysus, but I might be mistaken so feel free to correct me in the comments).

Marni Tan Medium Trunk 4

The strap is adjustable so you can make it longer or shorter, to whichever length you desire. It has these snaps you can clasp onto in order to achieve the adjustments you wish. Is it any better than holes on the leather? Yes and no. Somehow it feels unnecessary, but hear me out. Buckles tend to fold leather straps in, so when you adjust the length, it leaves with some kind of mark that doesn’t ever quite go away. So having something that works like this could address the issue. But there’s always my fear of it popping out all of a sudden and your bag could hit the floor (or worse, fall off a river or something!)

Marni Tan Medium Trunk 1

It has this super lovely interior. There are four drop in pockets, and two slip in pockets with zippers on top.  Oh how satisfactory it is for bag organizers like me! When it comes to smaller bags, like the Marni Trunk or my current favorite Pochette Metis, these pockets are heaven to have! So much so, that I might just have a whole article dedicated to just the pockets of bags to which I’m so grateful for.

Obviously I’m still obsessed with smaller, sling bags over my usual preference to big bags. And there’s so much more bags to write about.

Images from Matches Fashion.

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