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Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag

Chanel Gabrielle

So, perhaps the theme of the past several weeks are all about sling bags. For a reason. It seems to be the hand bag trend from all sides.

And when it comes to fashion, Chanel always takes an elegant stride in the fashion hallways. Unfortunately to and for me, it’s something that doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Kristen Stewart Gabrielle

It has all the classic elements of a Chanel bag. The quintessential quilt on aged, crumpled calfskin, leathered chain sling, and the double CCs hanging in the zipper pull. It comes in a variety of materials and colors, some bright, some demure, some in luxe exotic leather. It’s a reasonably dreamy bag, no doubt. And seemingly instagram worthy for Instagram hand bag lovers. But something about it just doesn’t speak to me.

Pharrell Gabrielle

There are designs that speak to a specific segmet of the market. And my opinion on this bag doesn’t discount the fact to the many people who find this bag a lovely new creation of Chanel. It just, unfortunately, doesn’t speak to me. Even if it’s beautifully marketed as a gender-bender bag someone like Pharrell can endorse as cool.

Do you have this bag on your shoulders? Do you like it? Please help convince me, I really want to like this bag. But in the last several months, I can’t seem to make myself to like it.

Images from Chanel.


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