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Lovely Chloé Small Faye Shoulder Bags


Sometimes a brand can creep in and just take over the market. Chloé’s been one of those brands that I don’t quite get, but seems that everyone else is getting themselves a Chloé. It took awhile before I understood why.

There was a time in the handbag world where the less hardware it sported, the better it sold. But perhaps we got tired of all the leather. So when Chloé came out with these odd bags with a large, gratitious use of shiny hardware, handbag lovers with their full leather bags turned their eyes to bags with metal shimmer.


There are many designs of the Faye bag (and even more under Chloé’s belt), but my most favorite form factor at the moment is the small Faye bag. In particular, it’s this beautiful mix of suede and smooth blue leather against this light gold hardware.


It’s a simple bag to carry, with just the right space for just the right amount of things to carry around. This suede lining is a gorgeous beige, so watch out for any stains that you might spill out onto it.

It’s got three modest compartments. The center where its most generous, and slip pockets on either side. Thankfully it’s big enough to hold your wide smart phone.


It closes on a magnetic clasp, where a big ring hangs, to which the tip of of a chain link is clasped to. They don’t serve any purpose other than decorative, and yet these bells and whistles are just the necessary nonsense that you just can’t help but salivate about. There’s more to the Faye bags than meets the eye. And we might just see more about Chloé bags in this space.

Images from Harrod’s.

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