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Bellechasse School and Shoulder Bags are the Bomb

SL Bellechasse.png

It appears belle chasse in French translates to nice hunt in English. I’ve been looking for the perfect smaller sling bag. And I can say that the hunt is definitely over.

They’re two beautiful bags of similar form factors. The only distinction between the two kinds of Bellechasse bags is one is wider with a top handle, referred by Saint Laurent as the School Bag. The other is the sleeker variant called Shoulder Bag.

Bellechasse Shoulder BagSaint Laurent Bellechasse RED 1 shoulder bag

There’s a beautiful brushed gold metal lock plate in front of the bag with the words Saint Laurent Paris etched over it ever so elegantly. These shoulder bag’s current styles are a mix of suede and smooth leather, and it’s just so wonderful.

Saint Laurent Bellechasse RED 2 shoulder bag

These bags are lined in suede. And it opens up to a rather generously spaced bag despite its small form factor. There’s a great slip pocket for things you prefer stowed flat and upright, like a phone or paper stuff. The only weird thing about this bag seems to be the sling that go through the bags flap. Luckily, it can be pulled off and you can use it as a clutch if that’s the way you prefer carrying it.

Saint Laurent Bellechasse RED 3 shoulder bag

These bags come in muted colors from black and navy blue, to bright colors like red and beige. It’s a beautiful bag family.

Bellechasse School Bag

Saint Laurent Bellechasse 1 school bag

Perhaps Saint Laurent found this bag too beautiful to leave it in just one form factor. The School Bag is a thicker, bigger version of the Shoulder Bag. There’s still the lock plate, still brushed metal, but sometimes in other colors – they come in brushed silver colors instead of the brushed gold.

Saint Laurent Bellechasse 3 school bag

These bags don’t come in mixed leathers. These are – so far from what’s available – all smooth leather. They are lined in suede inside just like the Shoulder Bag. The School bag is similar to the shoulder bag in a lot of ways, only it has a wider interior compartment, including the slip pocket, along with a secondary slip pocket perfect for any additional odds-and-ends that you might need throughout your day.

Saint Laurent Bellechasse 2 school bag

These bags are wonderful. And less cumbersome to get in and out of than the Charlotte. Between the two Shoulder and School bag, I prefer the School Bag much better. It’s easier to tug a top handle bag around in a car, or in your office desk.

Saint Laurent Bellechasse

Are you also in the hunt of a nice smaller bag to get you through the day? Saint Laurent’s new bags are something to look at.

Images from Matches Fashion.



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