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Just What You Need: the GG Marmont Shoulder Bag

GG Marmont matelassé shoulder bag 3

We’ve been so obsessed with big bags lately, but big bags tend to be a bit of a back-breaker throughout the day. Smaller bags aren’t miniscule anymore. And with a shoulder bag like Gucci’s GG Marmont, carrying all day should be all right.

GG Marmont matelassé shoulder bag 1

Marmont bags are quilted in what is called matelassé. This pattern carries out throughout the entire line of Marmont bags under Gucci. And one of the things I don’t quite get but nevertheless a wonderful surprise is that these bags have a nice heart shaped stitch at the back. It doesn’t serve any purpose, but perhaps only to remind you how much you might love this bag.

GG Marmont matelassé shoulder bag 2

Chain bags tend to be problematic for wearers. People with long hair can get snagged into the chain links, so can men with beards. I personally prefer leather straps but a chain sling can be okay if you watch yourself a little bit around it. Thankfully, the GG Marmont slings are purely chain links. There’s a leather part that can rest nicely on your shoulder so that the metal doesn’t dig into your bones.

GG Marmont matelassé shoulder bag 5

It’s a wonderfully sized bag that allows you to carry enough of your things for the entire day. And somehow, it doesn’t look off putting should you find yourself out on a nice evening when you’ve been lugging this bag around all day.

Grab one. You deserve it.

Images from Gucci.

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