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Pochette Métis Mini in Patent Epi

Pochette Metis Mini 1

The Pochette Métis is easily my favorite bag of late. It’s the perfect size, and surprisingly fits a satisfying amount of stuff, like my small agenda, a key holder, coin purse, and long wallet among others. Hard to imagine we need a smaller one.

Perhaps it was good enough reason to both announce a new size and a new material that Louis Vuitton has revived. For sure, we haven’t seen enough Epi pieces from Vuitton in the past several years. But it’s creeped up several times. Epi has changed. The texture is no longer horizontal as it used to be in vintage pieces. Perhaps millenials prefer diagonal patters. In case the epi leather is not innovative enough, they made patent.

Pochette Metis Mini 2

This shiny coated leather is paired with gold hardware. I’m not quite sure what the chain against the S-Lock is for, other than some excuse for a charm. Can’t say I hate it. The bag also sports a detachable cross-body chain sling. This is different with the rest of the Pochette Métis line where the sling is either a coated canvas, or the same epreinte leather in the full leather line.

These Mini Pochette Métis bags aren’t full leather though (the way empreinte ones are). These bag’s side gussets are made of coated monogram canvas. And perhaps for good reason. Patent leather tends to scuff and crumple over time, so perhaps it’s a blessing to have coated canvas materials in parts that touch surfaces where we put our bags on.

If you like these, you’d be surprised it’s available online at Vuitton’s. Supposedly, there should also be a black version.

Images from Louis Vuitton.

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