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Chanel Ultra Fine Jewelry

Chanel is a powerful fashion house. Aside from bags, there’s a bunch of fine jewelry to peruse: the Ultra line is one of them.

Chanel ULTRA

If you haven’t found yourself part of Chanel’s mailing list, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to join now. You’d be surprised to stumble upon new finds like this.

It’s been a busy several weeks in my life. I have not, for the longest time, been able to check in on my favorite bag and fashion news to blog about. I haven’t had the slightest chance also to visit my favorite stores and see how things are going. However, from time to time I would get a hello from my luxury fashion houses via email, and it feels so good when you see something like this.


When I first saw the Ultra fine jewelry, it caught my breath. Doesn’t it make so much sense that Chanel had rings and bracelets that look similar to their flap bag chain slings? It’s so minimalistic, it’s so sophisticated, and oh so Chanel.

The Ultra line boasts rings and bracelets in 18K white gold, black or white ceramic, and – in some pieces – diamonds! If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at them, I find the rings and the pendant-styled bracelet a bit uninteresting (but you can check them out here), so let’s focus on the Bracelet Ultra.

ULTRA BRACELET White Ceramic 18K white GoldULTRA BRACELET White Ceramic 18K white Gold with diamondsULTRA BRACELET White Ceramic 18K white Gold Modshot


ULTRA BRACELET Black Ceramic 18K White GoldULTRA BRACELET Black Ceramic 18K White Gold with diamondsULTRA BRACELET Black Ceramic 18K White Gold modshot

The bracelets are simple chain-link design, with the middle holding the white or black ceramic center. The 18K white gold is a beautiful arm candy. But in case the shimmer isn’t enough, there are diamond encrusted Ultra bracelet for those who prefer some ice.

It’s odd though that there aren’t any yellow gold options. But perhaps someday we can expect something like that to come along. It wouldn’t hurt to have a black and yellow gold combination, similar to the chains found in flap bags with gold hardware. It’s also odd to not have a leather and gold combination. So for now we can only settle with the ceramic, which makes me nervous because in my experience (and personal clumsiness) they tend to dent on surfaces, and seems to scratch on my laptops.

But like I said, it’s just a beautiful piece of eye candy!

Images from Chanel.

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