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Introducing The Saint Laurent Charlotte Bag

Saint Laurent Large Charlotte HEADER

Every once in a while, a bag can make you stop and look.

“Drooling over a bag” is a term I haven’t used in a long time. In addition, my tastes haven’t been sufficiently quenched like it used to. Many times, I look back at the time when the Sac De Jour first came out, and how the bag made me feel like I would hyperventilate.

There are too many new bags coming out lately, but it doesn’t necessarily capture my heart and make the same impact. But when I came across the Charlotte bag, the new messenger bag from Saint Laurent, I feel the passion for bags come back.

Saint Laurent Large Charlotte 5

The Charlotte Bag comes in large and small sizes. And both bags are wonderfully the same, but different in their own ways. These bags come with a unique flap, one main outer flap that is cut in the middle allowing a peep to the monogrammed smaller flap inside. Both sizes come with a top handle, and a cross body sling.

Large Charlotte Bag

Of course, Saint Laurent tends to stick with the classic blacks, but they make up for it in texture. The bag comes in textured leather, or a croc stamped leather. Some sites, like Matches Fashion, have a wonderful red version available on their site, so there could be brighter colored versions available only from other distributors.

Saint Laurent Large Charlotte 3

It seems the croc stamped versions of the bag come with additional trinkets like a hanging chain. I’m not a fan of metals hanging against leather, and it seems you can’t completely take it off the bag. It could be a plus for others though.

Saint Laurent Large Charlotte 2

Saint Laurent Large Charlotte with slings

Small Charlotte Bag

The Charlotte bag takes on a smaller style, and the flaps are tweaked a bit.

Saint Laurent Small Charlotte 1

The two vertical strips from the large is gone in the small, and we are left with one protruding D ring you can snap into with the hanging clasp. You can also snap some bag charms on this ring if you’re the type. The smaller Charlottes have a nicer selection of blacks in textured leather, patent leather, studs, and the beautiful fog color in croc stamp.

Saint Laurent Small Charlotte 10Saint Laurent Small Charlotte 6Saint Laurent Small Charlotte 4Saint Laurent Small Charlotte 7

Seems the croc stamped bags really get an extra chain trinket unlike other leather choices.

Saint Laurent Small Charlotte 5

The interior of the bag is interesting. Because you’ll notice that Charlottes come with a double flap, but you’d need both flaps away to fully get into the bag. So other than the holder for the logo, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be for, but it doesn’t take away from the beauty it actually is.

Saint Laurent Small Charlotte with sling

Are you just as in love as I am?

Images from Saint Laurent.

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