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Peekaboos and Creases

The bag is beautiful no doubt, but there are some things that you don’t realize until the bag wears.

Fendi Red Regular Peekaboo 3

There can’t be enough praises sung about the Peekaboo. And in the red, it’s just so luscious.

Fendi Red Regular Peekaboo 1
Though we love the Peekaboo, there are some things about it that you may not have considered in case you don’t have one yet. Notice the lovely leather? If you carry the Peekaboo with one side peeking, you’ll notice the creases the bag eventually gets. Some people avoid peeking the Peekaboo, but that’s just weird to carry the Peekaboo without using the peekaboo feature, right?

Fendi Red Regular Peekaboo 2

If you’re a stickler for creases, this might bother you – a lot. And you might end up carrying the bag closed up at the top all the time. This can be problematic, especially when you carry bracelets, rings, or even watches. Because the clasps are metal and can scratch up your jewelry or time pieces.

Fendi Red Regular Peekaboo 4

Despite these concerns, there are others who love the creasing. And ultimately love the eventual wear and tear. Can’t blame them though, they are beautiful bags!

Fendi Red Regular Peekaboo 5

Images from SSENSE.

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