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Givenchy Logo Debossed Messengers

Do you like monograms?

Givenchy Debossed Logo Bag 3

When a bag is so simple making it look like a silhouette, a designer might think something needs to make it pop. So perhaps that’s what Givenchy designers were thinking with this bag. Instead of leaving it a simple messenger bag, or using a small stamp for branding’s sake, they decided to put on a debossed logo sprawled across the flap saying Givenchy Paris.

Givenchy Debossed Logo Bag 2

Some say monograms are tacky. But it feels like that’s not the case in this bag. It feels loud close up, but somehow looks forgivably subdued from afar.

Givenchy Debossed Logo Bag 1

It’s a beautiful, sophisticated bag, despite what naysayers about monograms might say. Looks aside, it’s just as beautifully functional.

Givenchy Debossed Logo Bag 4

Once you open the magnetized flap, you’ll see a nice spacious bag that fits more than the essentials, so you can go about your day complete without having to leave any of your preferred bag stuff behind.

So in case you need a nice messenger, don’t forget to check these out.

Images from Harrod’s.

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