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Everyday Can Be Tote Day

Balenciaga Everyday Small Tote Bag 4

Perfectly sized and perfectly styled, everyday.

Sometimes calling them “dump bags leave a bad taste in the mouth. Bags like this are often life saving, convenient pals that get us through busy days while hustling and bustling. And a bag called Everyday Small Tote from Balenciaga can do exactly that.

Balenciaga Everyday Small Tote Bag 5

Carry by hand, arm or shoulder, the Everyday Small Tote bag can be carried wherever you want on your arms. This version is a very muted gray, but with a bit of spunk on the inside, with a beautiful glowing light blue colored interior.

Balenciaga Everyday Small Tote Bag 3

What’s so lovely about the bag is that the handles go from the top and all the way along the body and bottom of the bag. So the heavier the items, the tighter the handles support the bags sides and base. It helps make sure that the bag doesn’t sag downwards or sidewards.

Balenciaga Everyday Small Tote Bag 6

It’s a departure from the usual iconic motorcycle/biker theme. And I’m not entirely sure if it draws from any of the house’s odd bags whose design keys stem from cheaper alternatives. In case you have information, feel free to let me know in the comments. But if this is a Balenciaga designed piece, then hat’s off and hands down: it’s beautiful.

Balenciaga Everyday Small Tote Bag 2

And though it’s not an expected thing, though always a welcome suprise: the Everyday Small Tote comes with a hanging, detachable, zippered pouch for your intimate stuff that belong in its own case.

Looking for a tote? Try this one on. This is one of the most beautiful bags I’ve seen in a long time. Simple and functional, and clearly with a purpose.

Images from Barney’s.

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