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Raving About this Raw-Cut Fendi Peekaboo

Fendi Large Peekaboo Raw Cut Finish 4

In a world filled with embellished bags, raw silhouettes can make an impact so silent, it’s deafening.

Peekaboos have remained iconic for Fendi since 2009. It’s unmistakeably Fendi. It’s been dressed up, and dressed down in many shapes and forms. It even made it’s way into the men’s department. It’s simply a beautiful bag. So when you’ve seen iterations up and down the runway, season after season, where then do you take the bag that’s put you on the map all these years?

Fendi sashayed this raw-cut Large Peekaboos in their fashion shows, and while we’ve seen extravagantly decorated versions, this takes on a simpler, sleeker styling.

Fendi Large Peekaboo Raw Cut Finish 3

It’s much less top heavy, but still retains the great form factor of the wonderful Peekaboo. Classic Peekaboos have a band on top, making the mouth of the bag a bit top heavy, but helps sustain the droopy facade allowing the interior to peek through.

Raw Cut Peekaboo vs Classic

But the raw cut Peekabooks eschew it altogether. Just a lip of simple leather making room for the side snaps and the center clasp signature look.

Fendi Large Peekaboo Raw Cut Finish 1

Fendi Large Peekaboo Raw Cut Finish 5

The sand colored exterior and contrasting blueberry interior leather makes the bag an interesting color combination of bright and dark that’s ever so lovely.

Fendi Large Peekaboo Raw Cut Finish 2

So if you’re in the market of something simple, to complement a wonderful outfit, grab the chance to claim it as yours. It feels like a seasonal piece, making it just ever so special.

Images from Fendi.


  1. Hi there!

    Just wanted to SG I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and have thoroughly enjoyed each post. I feel like you write about a lot of men bags that other blogs don’t cover (i.e. Dolce Gabbana Sicily bag for men, LV Armand tote, and your love affair with the SDJ!)

    However I also wanted to ask: there has been a few times when I am unable to load the article from the email notifications? The page loads and says ERROR 404. Does this mean you published the article then subsequently deleted it? Or is it some techno error on my end?

    Either way, keep it the great work!

    Regards, Don Woo



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