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You Bet: Balenciaga Grained Leather Pouch

Balenciaga Grained Leather Pouch 3

Out of all of Balenciaga’s weird bags of late, we finally get something classic and timeless.

Nothing like an Ikea bag, nothing like as if you bought a King size comforter from the department store, and nothing like something that looks like a glammed up  grocery bag from Asia. Finally, something elegant and sensible.

Balenciaga Grained Leather Pouch 4

It’s a simple bag, with a fold over flap, covering a zippered compartment. It feels so surprising to see something that doesn’t incite polarizing views about some ground breaking design (or leather versions of otherwise $1 bags).

Balenciaga Grained Leather Pouch 2

I love that the bag is a little bigger than what you’d think a pouch would be. It’s a bit on the extra size, allowing you room for just the right amount of stuff. Too small pouches end up being holders for very bare essentials, but this could very well be your day bag in your daily commute.

Balenciaga Grained Leather Pouch 1

I like that the bag’s logo is in a card holder and removable. It’s about time we leave the labels behind and just simply use a great, wonderfully made, leather bag.

Images from Mr. Porter.

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