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You Can Look Straight Into This Eclipse

Givenchy Stargate Medium Tote 2

Givenchy is ever dependable on quality prints. And here’s another great one from our favorite.

Totes are a dime a dozen. It’s easy to find one and it all works the same. Black, brown, in any color, is available within reach. So when it comes to totes, it’s the easiest bag to dedicate a print on.

Givenchy Stargate Medium Tote 5

What is there to expect for a tote? It’s a great dump bag, preferably something open so it’s easy to get in and out of. Something you can sling over your shoulder is always a plus.

Givenchy Stargate Medium Tote 3

Sometimes black lined bags tend to make the bag a bigger abyss than it already is, but it’s nothing a light colored bag organizer can’t solve. So this is a forgivable situation. Because open totes need a small way of hiding sensitive/important stuff, it’s comforting to find that these Givenchy bags come with a hanging zippered pocket.

Givenchy Stargate Medium Tote 4

Summer is right around the corner, and spring hasn’t been so disappointing. So treat yourself with a nice, bold printed tote. It’s gotta be Givenchy!

Images from Barney’s.

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