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What Is This Monstrosity?

Off White Black Textured Leather Bag 3

I’ve been away too long. And when I jumped back in, look at what I saw.

Off-White is one of those great street brands that could very well ease into your wardrobe. They’re not the bag kind of brand, but they have a few napsacks to complement your outfits.

But when I looked into their Spring/Summer 2017 collection, and reviewed the small bag collection for men, I found something a bit odd.

Off White Black Textured Leather Bag 2

Genuine leather, croc textured, with yellow detail. It made me feel like I was looking at some knock-off website. So I went straight to their website to double check. Lo and behold, it really is a bag they’re currently selling.

Off White Black Textured Leather Bag 1

I can’t even begin to point why this feels like an Hermès Birkin knock-off. And I can’t seem to fathom why they would even try to mimic it almost exactly. There’s so many alternative design ideas to the Birkin. So I’m a bit dumbfounded to have come across a bag like this altogether.

They say, imitation is the best form of flattery, but these days, it can cost you a lawsuit. I haven’t heard any actions from Hermès, since they take their trade dress seriously. Hopefully this goes away from the shelves, one way or another, because if I had a Birkin and bumped into someone carrying something like this, I would be so totally uncomfortable.

Images from Off-White.

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