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The Delectable D&G Sicily Bag

A damn good bag is so hard to find these days.Sicily Pink Beige

When it comes to Dolce and Gabbana Sicily bags, where do we begin? Does one get drawn in because of the leather wrapped bar top? Is it the simplicity of a simple flap bag? Or is it just the excellently executed simple sophistication that D&G has delivered us?

Sicily Pink Beige Angled

We’ve spoken about these before, though it was about the men’s version. But, nothing beats the original. Its teardrop body gives a lot of room, without the bag being too bulky. The best thing about this bag – as flap bags go -you have a sturdy top to stay in place while you open the flap. Most of the time, when a flap bag is opened, the whole bag tilts and moves, and you might struggle securing the bag in place just to get in and out of it. But the Sicily might be the only bag that I know of that doesn’t require holding the base or leaning it against your body as you flip through the flap.

Sicily Pink Beige Interior

The interior of the bag has a wonderful patterned lining that helps spice up the otherwise plain bag. Also, there’s a pocket mirror in one of the pockets with an engraved “Sicily” name, in case you need to check yourself in a small mirror, or in case you forget what the bag looks like.

There are many colors to choose from, mostly plains (but sometimes with funky novelty designs). If in case you’re curious about the bag, looking at them is one thing, but holding one in your hands is quite another experience.

Sicily Turtle DoveSicily BlackSicily Blue

Such a lovely bag!

Images from Dolce and Gabbana.

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