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The Little Louis Vuitton Orsay

Sometimes you need something small to bring along with you.

Louis Vuitton Orsay

This beautiful little clutch could be all you need. Though spacious bags are essential day to day things we carry, there are times a small one would suffice. You could be going to a party, or a crowded place, or there’ll be an evening of sorts you want to go without having to lug your day bag, and you’d need to bring something compact.

Carrying along a long wallet, or carrying along your keys might not be necessary. Instead, you might just want to bring your phone, some smaller card/cash holder, and other itsy bitsy things, so you can comforably sit without needing an extra chair for your otherwise bulky day bag, without necessarily needing a formal clutch.

Louis Vuitton Orsay Interior

So it’s so wonderful to find something like the Louis Vuitton Orsay to help you in the occassions where you just need the bare essentials. It’s a wondefful monogram canvas, that opens with a zip around puller, complete with a wrist band, should you need it. And it’s so compactly sized, but spacious at the same time, with a simple leather lining together with a pocket slip on one side.

Most Louis Vuitton stores don’t keep stock of this in abundance, so make sure to call ahead if you’re buying in store, or purchase one online at their website.

Images from Louis Vuitton.

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