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The Many Kinds Of Pochette Métis

There’s this one bag, but there’s a growing variation to choose from.Pochette Metis Monogram Canvas

At this point we should very well be acquainted to the Pochette Métis. It’s the beautifully clasped flap bag from Louis Vuitton. Over the past seasons, new canvas colors came out, and the Pochette Métis was among the ones revitalized with the new coated canvas treatments.

This is the kind of bag from LV that many prefer to remain as monogrammed. And when the Mongram Reverse and Monogram Infra Rouge, a whole new slew of fans of this bag came trotting down Vuitton to purchase one for their own.

Pochette Metis Monogram Reverse CanvasPochette Metis Monogram Canvas Infra Rouge

Though Louis Vuitton’s well known for their monograms, there’s the subtler, slightly more expensive embossed kind, called Monogram Empreinte, that’s a bit classier for those with discernable handbag tastes.

So to see a somewhat rainbow collection of colors for the Pochette Métis in full leather, in Monogram Empreinte is a twist in this bag line that makes so much sense that sometimes you wonder why it was never like this in the first place. So if in case you’re in a market for a full leather sling bag, don’t miss the Pochette Métis in Empreinte leather.

Pochette Metis Monogram Empreinte NoirPochette Metis Monogram Empreinte Marine RougePochette Metis Monogram Empreinte DunePochette Metis Monogram Empreinte Rose BellerinePochette Metis Monogram Empreinte Cherry

Images from Louis Vuitton.


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