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The Supple Sac De Jour

A new variant of the Sac De Jour, but is it innovative enough?Supple Sac De Jour Front

If you’ve been in the Sac De Jour space, you’ll notice that they made the Large size exclusively for men. The smalls are too small and dainty, and the nano and baby sizes are just ridiculous. Sometimes, I can’t get over all the drama I’ve had with the SDJs.

But now we have a new size, in case you found the large size too large, and the small size too small. There’s definitely a Medium now, for realsies, that won’t look awkward if you’re a medium sized boy.

Supple Sac De Jour Back

The Medium Supple Sac De Jours indicate itself as supple with a new double clasped mechanism, where instead of snapping them in, you hook them into double metal studs to tighten or loosen, and ultimately release them for a wider opening.

Supple Sac De Jour Opened

The bags still open to a nice open top, divided by a detachable zippered pouch that you can use as a separate bag altogether. I’ve noticed also that the hanging lock fob has an extra leather tab with a metal plate. The hardwareless bag is now adorned with specs of shiny silver.

Supple Sac De Jour Strap

In case you found the men’s wide straps odd, and find a liking to the size or suppleness of the supple Sac De Jour, you’ll be happy to see a thin leather sling that you can attach/detach as you see fit.

Supple Sac De Jour Accordion Sides

As all Sac De Jours go, the signature accordion sides are still there. And I wonder sometimes if it’s of any help at all. Wouldn’t it have been a good change if the supple Sac De Jours had no accordion sides? I’ve learned that if you’re not careful enough, some parts of it can collapse. Perhaps as a supple Sac De Jour it’s not a bad thing. But it definitely looks like a downer for the stiffer classic ones.

Supple Sac De Jour Mod Shot

Is it innovative enough to stay as an icon for Saint Laurent? I think so. But does it make me want to rush out and buy one? Meh, I’ll think about it.

Images from SSense.


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