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Dreaming of Gucci Leather Horsebit Slippers

How can something half make you feel so whole?

Leather Horsebit slipper 1

When swiping through hordes and hordes of fashion instagrams, there’s always that finger swipe stopping image that can take you aback. In my case, it’s any variation of the Gucci slipper. There are many names, but there’s one distinct feature: the half slip ons.

Leather Horsebit slipper 3

Otherwise formal in front, but lacks the remainder of the usual shoe body at the back. The images shown here is one of many many variations and product line, like the brocades and jacquards Gucci’s been exploding with in their latest bag collections,  (oh and don’t forget the appliqués!) but let’s focus on the classic Horsebit shoes. Photos don’t do it justice.

Leather Horsebit slipper 2

This isn’t something you’d particularly wear in a usual office (unless you’re really really suave and daring). Nor something you’d ideally wear with a sock (hello, grandpa?). So I’d mostly categorize this as street wear, or something you’d wear to dress up something casual, or dress down slacks. What I love about it also is it’s androgynous appearance, making it a perfect men’s/women’s and everything inbetween’s stylish shoes!

It’s a beautiful fashion statement, and something you can definitely start a collection of.

Images from Gucci.

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