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Be My Lady: The Suede Lady Bag

The Lady Bag is a bit new, but I never really took it on, until now.

Lady Bag Suede Chocolate 1

Mansur Gavriel’s rise to fame is their minimalism, their anti “It” bag approach (which ironically made their lines the “It” bag for many seasons), and their general rarity and unavailability gave this brand just the right mix of positioning in the market, and a unique kind of fandom. The great power duo, Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, designs in New York, and the bags are made in Italy.

Their bucket bags and other succeeding design increments has always been, and hopefully always will be, a sensation. It’s such a wonderful break from all the over-saturated designs in the many shoulders of the many fashionistas who run the streets.

The Lady Bag is one of those increments in their design catalog of bags. It wasn’t something I felt particularly compelled to write about, or consider as something I would like.

Lady Bag Suede Chocolate 3

It looks a cross between the bucket bags and the flapped backpacks. Only, the Lady Bag is meant to be carried over the shoulder, or conveniently, with a sling. The usual smooth calf skin leather used on the bags show and tell what the bag is. But somehow, when you put in suede, with a rich chocolate dye, it changed my mind and couldn’t wait to write this post.

Lady Bag Suede Chocolate 2

Sometimes the same bag can look and feel so much different with a different kind of leather. I should give this bag a chance. I don’t necessarily like suede, but the bag suddenly looks to me something I can batter and carry around, without fearing of denting it.

Same bag, different leather, is always a big twist in a bag. And it turns out, it worked for me. I can only wish, that someday, I’ll be able to look at an exotic leathered Mansur Gavriel bag. I for sure will have a heck of a sensational fandom over it.

Images from Mansur Gavriel.

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