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The Classic Loewe Amazona

Every brand has an icon.loewe-amazona-1

If I were to describe what the Amazona is to Loewe, I would say it’s the same as what the Speedy is to Louis Vuitton. Now in 2017, despite Loewe’s fascination with lovely bags such as the Hammock and the somewhat novelty Puzzle Bags, we see a renewed and updated Amazona.

We’ve spoken about the large Amazonas before, but nothing beats the classic Amazona. Updated with a new, adjustable crossbody sling, and a leather tag for monograms.loewe-amazona-2

Loewe is proud of their rebranding, especially with the anagram blindstamp represending the brand.


The suede lining is gorgeous, and the interior allows you to hook something on the interior D ring. It also allows you to slip stuff into the interior pocket with a zipper enclosure.loewe-amazona-4

The bags have a unique flat bag feet that gives a satisfying thump sound on the table when you put it down.

So incase you are looking for something iconic, away from all the loud new pieces every European fashion house seem to be coughing up, walk down on this leather loving Spanish brand to go against the grain.

Images from Loewe.

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