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Watch Out for the Gucci Embroidered Watches

It’s a good face to look at any time of the day.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Snake

Gucci’s lovely prints, the snake, bee, and even the bengal tiger, has found its way in embroidered form in watch face plates. These embroidered Gucci Watches are called Le Marché Des Merveilles. Though I do not speak French, it seems to be Google Translated into The Wonder Market. If you have corrections, please feel free to let me know in the comments section.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Bengal Tiger

There are many variations aside from the print. You can interchange the straps with thicker leather straps (at least in the women’s section), or use the Red/Green or Red/Blue Gucci web nylon straps for a more sporty look. You can also opt to choose a silver or gold stainless steel watch face.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Bee

These time pieces are wonderfully swiss crafted and are quartz movement time tracking fashion devices. In case the embroidery is not Gucci enough, there are monogrammed double G crowns on the side.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Side

The backplate is engraved with a bee, although Gucci’s signature doesn’t seem to stick to any particular form. For now it’s the bee, but I can’t quite make sense why the bee is the etched figure in all of the watches in this line. Maybe next time it’d be a snake, or a tiger. While I can’t commit to mark a bee as Gucci, it doesn’t entirely matter because this back plate doesn’t get any exposure unless you’re not wearing it.

Le Marché Des Merveilles, 38mm Bee Engraved

Are you as smitten by these the way the first printed bags came out? Or is the paradoxical expected shock from Gucci starting to get old? Feel free to express yourself in the comments section.

Images from Gucci.

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