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Crazy Beautiful Cromwell East West Shopper

Sophie Hulme’s well edited collection of bags just got a new family member.sophie-hulmes-black-cromwell-east-west-shopper-1

Sophie Hulme has taken a place in my heart, and my closet. And to see a new bag in their catalogue makes me want to swipe a credit card at the store. With a bag called Cromwell, the Cromwell East West Shopper.


The usual Sophie Hulme plates are present of course, along with the hanging D ring for any bag decors you want to clasp into it. But unlike other Sophie bags, this takes on a wider, East West orientation. It’s also an open tote, so there aren’t any zippers to open off.sophie-hulmes-black-cromwell-east-west-shopper-3

The bag is spacious and should fit a lot of your daily stuff, and then some, much like a Neverfull. But this bag has a second set of handles. You can tuck them inside, or pull it out and hang over your shoulder.sophie-hulmes-black-cromwell-east-west-shopper-2

In case the grained calf skin in black is too boring for you, you can opt for the Cherry Red or Leopard print from Sophie Hulme’s website.


Cromwell Net-A-Porter Modshot.jpg

Images from Sophie Hulme. Mod Shot from  Net-A-Porter.

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