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Loving Louis Vuitton’s Artsy MM Exotic Monograms

Python. Ayers. Your choice.

In what is called Exotic Monogram, Louis Vuitton has added a part exotic, part coated canvas bag that merges both your love for the classic monogram, and snake skin. How lovely are Artsy bags? It’s such an amazing bag.


The interior is so lovely also, so much room to fill it with a lot of things, but not too much to leave your stuff bouncing around a deep abyss. And if the original vachetta leather is something that you didn’t particularly like about the Artsy’s handles and trimmings, these Exotic Monograms are a nice option.


These Artsy bags come in MM size, and a bigger GM size. They also come in full Empreinte Leather, a full Python leather, and Monogram Coated Canvas with Vachetta leather, and in Damier Azur (I’m not quite sure why there’s no Damier Ebene variation).

Images from Louis Vuitton.


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